Site navigation transformation where will it go

Abstract: once the site navigation only need to consider the correct path and comprehensive coverage of the site, but now need to focus on differences and user experience, whether it is to survive, or after the entry, without exception.


feels that the site navigation seems to have been forgotten, but this is not the case. This year, 2345 site navigation to 2 billion 650 million yuan price was acquired, personalized navigation products iBox new into the market, a few days ago hao123 set up 15th anniversary commemorative, these let site navigation again lively. For Internet users who access WEB content, searching the home page (search engine) and navigation home page (URL navigation) have become synonymous with the Internet home page. As users demand more and more Internet experience, a change is taking place in the home page. At the end of July, Baidu search engine home once again face, advocating minimalist, and the user interface is more concise, feedback to the user is the result of "more accurate information Box Computing". For the navigation home, changes are taking place.

one, navigation home development space is still huge, but need to transition, adapt to user needs,

navigation Home heroic era has become the past. In 2004, Baidu acquired high priced grassroots navigation hao1232008, Google localization acquisition of 265, causing a time navigation Home surging, as well as after the Montreal chicken feathers. The Internet is still developing at a high speed, but the air outlet is no longer everywhere. In the face of the mobile Internet era, APP entry mode impact, navigation home market space is still there? The answer is yes.

on the one hand, the number of Internet users is increasing, and there is still a lot of room. Chinese Internet Network Information Center released the "thirty-fourth China Internet development report" shows that the first half of 2014, the scale of China’s Internet users reached 632 million, an increase of 14 million 420 thousand compared to the end of 2013, the number of Internet users continues to increase. The Internet penetration rate was 46.9%, up 1.1 percentage points from the end of 2013. The penetration rate has not yet reached half, and the development space is still very large. Internet users in China spend 25.9 hours per week online, up from 0.9 in the second half of 2013, and the Internet is growing longer.

on the other hand, the navigation page corresponds to a long-standing user group. There are two main user groups, one is just contact the network of users, every year to 10 million households level growth. Because of just contacting the network, understanding of the site is relatively small, in the use of search engines, the lack of certain skills, it is difficult to quickly find what you want, navigation home to become the best helper. Another is that navigation Home generates sticky users that have become accustomed to using it and are reluctant to change it. IResearch users continuous user behavior research data show that the site navigation average daily coverage of close to web search, ranking second. Specific data is, in December 2013, the website searches everyday