H5 responsive station enterprise transformation new focus

H5 responsive website with its unique advantages, occupy the whole network marketing of new traffic entrance, the transformation of "Internet plus" for business success brought infinite possibility. In the mobile Internet era, we should thank the birth of H5 responsive website!

1, what is the H5 responsive web site


H5 responsive website using simple words to explain is to make your site in any size, any resolution and performance on any equipment can be perfectly presented, without pictures failed to load "defects and disorder arrangement may affect the browsing situation.

mobile Internet development, mobile phones, tablets and other devices gradually become the main way of life for users to read and shop, is a major bonus site traffic entrance. Therefore, the importance of the site response type do not have to say. In addition, a personal, reasonable and comfortable website will help you to improve site traffic to a great extent, with the flow before we talk about the inquiry behind the conversion rate of related problems, improve site traffic and ultimately will be reflected in the marketing effect, bring more economic benefits for enterprises.

What are the advantages of

2 and H5 responsive web sites,


1) enhance user experience, reduce site jumping rate

page design and development should be based on user behavior and equipment environment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.) to respond and adjust accordingly. No matter what the user is using the device, web pages are able to automatically switch the resolution, image size and related script functions; in other words, responsive web design is a website which is compatible with a plurality of terminals, greatly reduce the cost of enterprise management.

enhance user experience, continuous dissemination of brand value and marketing information for users, reducing the user’s jumping rate, and ultimately create opportunities for cooperation. Just think of a page that is incomplete, obscure, and even distorted, and the viewer will click the "close" button for the first time, because there are too many choices now. Therefore, the enterprise website is not responsive, is the first step in marketing success.

2) optimize conversion rate, spread more efficient


responsive web site can be compatible with any device, and retains the point that the site originally wanted to highlight, such as navigation bars, content in the center layout, and key messages. This will be more conducive to the spread, faster browsing into traffic, and better traffic into benefits.

according to statistics, now more than 50% of Internet users use mobile terminals for browsing, so as soon as possible to transfer the marketing line of sight to the mobile terminal website construction, this is an important point of marketing conversion.

3) search engine preferences, high ranking take the lead,

now, many search engine giants are more responsive to preference