90 is the annual salary of 30W micro letter how they do it

Mark is a new media editor working for a Internet Co in Zhongguancun. This is Mark’s first job, he graduated this year, the University of electronic engineering. Because the push WeChat often typos, he was scolded by the boss. This is the third time this month that it has gone wrong. The boss asked him to calm down and think about their own true thoughts, he suddenly realized the problem.


"sometimes I don’t mind because I feel like a small potato.". Fans so little, I do these people will not know, and not much influence, who will look so carefully, always feel wrong one or two words also do not matter." Mark says. Since taking over the company WeChat, fans have been slow to grow, and reading has been hard to come by. Every day to find articles – line articles – send articles, repeat every day, and Mark do not know where their future lies.

fan data

The concerns of

Mark are not without reason. According to Liu Jianliang’s survey results, 64.37% of WeChat’s fans are below 10 thousand, and 76.15% of the public operators are under 5000. New media editor of this new position, currently in the field of work, salary and other aspects are in the uncertain stage of exploration, so the existence of "good treatment", "good and bad" and "polarization" phenomenon.

, but that doesn’t mean the new media editor is a no promising job. According to the real salary data provided by Lagou, the average salary of new media editor is 3569 yuan / month, and the average salary of 1-3 years work experience is 6651 yuan / month, and 3-5 years is 10787 yuan / month.

in the pull hook the Internet new media operation position (in part)

the salary here is the average of all the big and small companies all over the country. In some enterprises that value new media operations, an ordinary New Media Editor can earn over 30W. Wanda has publicly recruited new media editors, as long as more than 2 years of new media experience, annual salary of more than 30W.

Mark push WeChat is just the basic work, after skilled operation, he can also help to promote, production communication plan, and other departments butt, writing original content and a series of work. He has great room for improvement.

different enterprises, new media editors and the prospects for the development of income and there is a big gap, they may do different work.

Lagou compares the content of the new media editors of both companies – first reading Lean and monthly salary of less than 3000 Arron. Lean worked as an editor at the newspaper and Tencent, and jumped to read one year ago. He was responsible for the operation of WeChat public number. There is a clear difference between the daily routine and the rhythm of the day.