can’t live without my Baidu

my private publishing station after 3 months of efforts, and finally in the legend 3 legend 3, such as keyword ranking, although not ranked in the front position, psychological still feel a sense of success, such ranking

BAIDU brings me hundreds of traffic every day,.

I have lost, I also ah, but the next time a site is K good times don’t last long, a page, flow from a few hundred to tens, when the feeling is really heaven fell to hell, depressed for several days, return to reason, because of their greed, desire is too high, always want to keywords can improve the rankings, because this drives this desire, I insist every day to learn SEO and use online uuu4f station to do the experiment, do do, do today’s website appearance, also think do SEO optimization will have a good rankings,

Who knows to be a

K page by. People often say, pay the labor, often there will be a return, can website operation this thing, sometimes it is the opposite. Later I find a lot of information, raw material is K the answer is that I made over SEO optimization,

Baidu is regarded as cheating, and the serious nature of the K, oh, no way, I am novice do stand, the first to experience less after walking a few detours, I think it should be worth K events from this. I appreciate most is my station, cannot do without Baidu. Although seen too much: "no I have much on Baidu IP, Baidu is also not so * *" article. In short, the status of Baidu in our grassroots webmaster can not be ignored, at least for now. No matter you do the alliance, or do your own products and services, even if all rely on members to rely on the promotion of the line, but Baidu still occupies a very important link!


sometimes see some articles on Baidu’s Crusade and abuse of the text, perhaps Baidu some unsatisfactory, Baidu may have done something a bit, but, if you are learning some gangster class people rejected Baidu spider, your poor flow can maintain how long? There is no flow of small personal website, how you have to survive? Unless, China website to all Baidu search, think carefully, this could have? In my opinion, this is not currently possible at least.

my station opened the station while Google is the first collection of YAHOO, Baidu and then, finally, on-line more than a month to be included in Baidu, but every day to check the flow of history, most visitors are Baidu’s relatively small Google. Brought by friends of the chain is poor, the soft brought a part but are worth IP, because he had related things are on your site, perhaps in just curious! From website statistics, has explained what China, explains that the majority of Internet users have become accustomed to using Baidu to find their own needs the information you need to know, it is difficult to change the habits of a person. If you refuse Baidu, it only means that your traffic is greatly reduced, for >