4 a website construction of reading

doing websites now seems to be a job for every enterprise or team – whether your industry is related to the Internet or not. On average, I receive one or two calls a week asking, "what are we going to do for a website, what technology should I use, PHP, Java, or?". NET? Where should we hire developers? What websites are we developing now always have Bug? What should I do? As a former technician and current Internet employee, let me talk about my experience. Years of website work tell me a reason: Although the site seems simple, but must ask the right people to do. Domestic developers generally lack experience, a person who has been 2 years of development may think he is very cattle, want a low price, and eventually give you a very bad result. Conversely, if you’re looking for the right person – even if you’re the only one – using the right ideas, the site is simple.

no longer wordy, directly below the local site to give you some practical advice, I called 4 tips.

1 tips: try to use the existing system, rather than independent development

is strongly recommended for general enterprise websites and e-commerce sites. If it’s an enterprise website, find a ready – to – use content management system (CMS). In the domestic CMS, Supe Site is a good choice; e-commerce website can be used directly with ECShop; Web 2 website can use X-Space; forum, Discuz is the first choice. A lot of people will ask whether these off the shelf systems will have many limitations and whether the performance is good enough. These are unnecessary concerns. On the one hand, these systems have a good customization, as long as find a HTML/CS S skilled and understand the PHP program based on the person, you can completely build a good site according to your requirements. If you can’t find such a person, then use word press to build a blog system for your enterprise, which is both fashionable and practical.

2:LOGO kit, art work can be completed by outsourcing website

I’m a regular user of outsourcing websites, and there should be no less than 5 lists on it. Although it can not be said that every time 100% satisfaction, but in many outsourcing sites, in terms of cost performance, the task of China (TaskCN.com) results are impeccable. If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can get dozens of good programs, then you pick out one of your most recognized ones, let the designer write the plan, and the final result will do. Unless your team has a good artist, or if you are willing to pay several times more for a really professional design company, otherwise, the task of China is a good choice.

tips 3: as long as you can go to the developer, with what technology development is no