56 criteria for testing the maximum availability of your e commerce site

yes, you have your own e-commerce site, but is your site valid enough,


the answer is different on a successful website and a neglected website. Through the list, you can verify that your site is normal.

1. did you answer the user’s questions? Users browse a website because they want answers. So it’s important that your website provides the answers that users need.

2. does your navigation clear and simple? Make sure your navigation lets users know exactly where they are, what they can do, and where they can go.

3.. Do you provide link text? Make sure that the user always knows where the links with the title are before you click the user to click here.

Is the design of the

4. website attractive enough? Good design will give you a steady flow.

5. do you add keywords to your links? Add keywords to your links so users can verify that they know the information they want.

6. is your language easy enough to understand? Check your language and make sure it’s simple enough for all users to understand

7. does your work look like an inverted Pyramid? By providing the most important news to the web users sooner, meeting the instant joy they want.

8., do you have enough space? The content is too tight and might flood what the user really wants. Leave some space, please.

9. do you have contact information? If users can’t find all they want, then they’re likely to want to contact you. Provide your contact information and make it easier for them to contact you.

10., do you change your URL? Don’t change it, it will not only cause page link error, but also block the link to your website.

11. do you have site maps? A site map is very important for large sites. Not only does it help the lost users find their defense, but it also allows your site to be better integrated into the search engine.

12. does your message look like an advertisement? Users ignore information that looks like salesmanship, and avoid using red fonts and other elements that look like advertising.

13. does your website need any unnecessary categories? Please realize that not every navigation bar should be full. Insert a category only when it is useful and absolutely necessary.

14.. Do you enable graceful demotion? Make sure that even if your site doesn’t display certain elements, other things are likely to work,

15., your LOGO>