The end of the Taobao alliance CPT

is the former Taobao Union, Ali Mama advertising alliance, called, Ali Taobao strategy after Ali mother and merge, is now Taobao alliance is an advertising alliance platform, the main business is to provide Taobao on the basis of paid advertising (Taobao, CPS) and advertising (long time and billing CPT).

Taobao guest advertising business. This model is a win-win situation. The seller to provide goods will set a certain percentage of the Commission, because of the Commission, that there will be more people to help the promotion of goods, equivalent to broaden marketing channels, and finally pay commissions on the transaction, the seller concessions in part to promote, puerile. To promote the selection of goods, according to the hot degree, reputation dimension of goods, finally through the respective network channels to help sellers to sell goods, some goods can be profitable, the commission rate is still very impressive, you like to Burkina (hereinafter referred to as the author) for goods, a T-shirt, a 89.85 Commission (enough to buy one). Taobao alliance platform charges 10% Commission for Taobao customers. In this way, this model can be very good operation, multi win, I believe that this model, Taobao alliance chairman time operation down, big Taobao is a channel to supplement.


long on time billing advertising business. This business model is that many small sites to provide their website in Taobao alliance platform advertising for Taobao’s seller (majority) or other sites need to advertise the advertisements, when advertising is not advertising on the selected, automatically put Taobao CPS advertising alliance. This business model, the site determines the main advertising price, the Taobao alliance platform does not charge any fees. The author believes that Taobao alliance push this business, the purpose is to win over the majority of small and medium-sized websites, advertising CPS advertising in the spare time, see is Taobao ads. But at present to join the business of the small website is mostly brush flow dragons and fishes jumbled together, and cheating, it is difficult to find valuable advertising in Taobao CPT advertising alliance, but also some good websites, but some need to distinguish technology advertising quality. The author thinks, Taobao Alliance launched a multi-year CPT business, the thinking with the Internet business spread Taobao ads, but found useless website or website traffic cheating too much, the channel did not realize the value of good, Taobao alliance is tepid runs.

until 2012, 4 and May, Taobao alliance big revision, launched the "Taobao window", business model and CPC (click pay) the same, but access threshold is much higher. Need less than Alexa 30W, website PV6W above, and have special personnel audit. Only through the audit can you put on "Taobao window" CPC advertising. This business model is similar to Baidu’s PPC, and the Taobao alliance opens Taobao’s through train, which was previously sold in Taobao