Lu Xiaodong the self reflection of blog traffic decline

recently, every day to see the 51 background, a day of IP up to more than 60, mostly from Baidu, GG and other search engines, is through some long tail keywords, few are directly enter the URL to flow through. Reason: blog should be updated recently.


, one thing I do every day is to write an article to the two original articles, after writing the article sent to other blogs to other popular websites such as Sina blog post, submission, iResearch, stationmaster net, some forums etc.. Every day, writing original article is very tired, racking my brains to write the article, the purpose is to let others can come to your blog to see, even if look at a second, or go.

for a blogger, if you see hundreds of IP, PV, or even more, every day in the statistics, you’ll feel proud and successful. If you spend money on advertising, it’s not surprising that IP should be normal. But if I do not spend a penny, every day by writing articles to bring their own blog hundreds of, or even more IP, it is not worth rejoicing, no sense of accomplishment,


has many ways of promoting and promoting its own blog or website, mainly in two ways: spending money and not spending money. There is little technical content to spend money, although some of the techniques and scheming things are worth studying. In terms of blogs, it’s mostly a platform for self entertainment, and there’s no need to spend money. The main thing here is how do not spend money to do promotion, do not spend a penny can bring traffic, it is skill, it is your ability.

writing should be the only shortcut to spending money on promotion. It’s going to be tough, and it’s going to be slow, or not everyone will work. The need to adhere to in order to achieve a certain effect, not short enrich the number of articles in this blog, the blog of the days and months multiplying content rich, more slowly, forming a resource integration, to create your own blog, and not a copy, copy duplicate resource online.

there are two main reasons why my blog traffic is down:

. A recently updated less, because of the integration of marketing practice because there is no energy to do their own things, not to adhere to the daily update the article, some dereliction of duty, didn’t do the training, to do good work every day.


recently updated Bianwei, compared with before, the content is completely different, out of tune. Before, in stationmaster net and other website contribution, post post always can bring a few traffic. And now, almost no, the recent writing is training. Because writing is no longer to share their learning experiences, in other words, write something without what help to readers, readers not more concerned about the topic, just entertain, has written articles to this effect is often very poor. Is it called a shady willow

?The purpose and starting point of

writing has changed, and the audience is different