How to build a popular blog

believes that many bloggers do want to make their own blogs. More people know how to improve their blogs, and many even want their blogs to become blogs. However, in China, nearly 340 million of the Internet users, more than half of people have their own personal blog, so many Internet users can make their blog become a blogger, it certainly is impossible. So how do you build a popular blog? Let’s talk about a few points worth noting.

first, the orientation of the blog topic should be clear,

, a blog that has attracted so much attention, is something that many Internet users care about. So if you want more people to read your blog, and even become a blogger, you need to have a clear positioning. With the location, the user will be able to think of you when you look for something. With the positioning, there is the opportunity to become a field of celebrity, experts, it may have its own brand, so positioning is very important.

you know, things vaguely for your this truth, the same also can be in the blog location above, if you position the blog theme in this area is still a blank word, so when you become a leading one in this field, so your blog will concern. Similarly, we can also from their own interests, hobbies, expertise, or their own work area positioning, in short, we must definitely positioning.

second, blog content should be enough to attract

said, "open up, you can see some of the personal feelings published by some netizens, really, in addition to the mood of the people I care about, it’s very difficult for me to arouse my interest.". I think most people should be like me. So if you want your blog to be a blogger, you can’t do it. Do it methodically. It’s worth noting about the choice of content, the wording of the title, and the layout of the article.

the title of an article directly determines the visitor’s interest in the article, which is why there is no value in the title of some party or article, but the amount of the article is very high. Of course, if your title choice is very good, and the content is also very exciting, then your article will be very popular, the reprint rate is also high.

an article, if it is not clear paragraph, the article punctuation is confused, it will make people read the article when there is a sense of oppression. Therefore, the article typesetting is actually an article of the face, like eating, like a dish up, looks very ugly, I believe that people will eat appetite greatly reduced, even if the dishes are delicious. What is the correct article publishing it, in fact, these are the most basic, is the air every two words, in between the blank and so on, the layout of the way we can go online to check the relevant information, there is not much to say.

The value of the content of the

article is also very important, can’t let the net friend read your article, have disappointed feeling. And let the user who sees your article feel, even anger, dissatisfaction