Examples illustrate the importance of changing operational thinking

Baidu’s recent update algorithm let the webmaster depressed, if better operation site? Below through a real case tell us about the importance of change management thinking and thinking of how to grasp the correct operation.

some time ago of a station, is a friend by chance know the website called E fan network. The data of the website is very good. When I first met this friend, I talked with him for about 5 hours. I asked a lot of questions when I was communicating. Pick a few questions that you may care about: how many people are there in your company? What optimizations do you use? How much do you earn from your website?

first I thought he was the site optimization is very powerful, and I found each other exchange did not understand the optimization, here, I guess a lot of so-called SEOER feel ashamed. His answer was: the site was developed, maintained, and maintained only at night; he didn’t know anything about optimization; he only got some information later; the site’s revenues were about 20, 300 thousand each year.

through communication, found that website operation thinking is very important, according to the exchange, I sorted out the thinking of friends, I hope to help you.

one, self-development or breakthrough routine. Many webmaster and not independent development, this is itself a disadvantage, why? If we don’t develop, can’t realize the function expansion, can’t achieve the system upgrade. This station of friend is developed independently. Independent development of the system itself, in Baidu has a ranking advantage. A lot of friends will say, I will not develop, is not it can not do it, and we use the ready-made system, break the routine, thinking, and I do not have people, I have excellent, it is still possible.

two, good at important events or festivals to carry out special reports. My friend’s station has a public welfare special channel, which specializes in collecting public welfare projects. This is a very good practice. For Qingming Festival, my friend specially developed a memorial service, attracting a large number of people to participate in the memory of loved ones who passed away. This topic reflects an important thing is to interact with members to meet user needs.

three, good at catching long tail words. Although my friend did not know how to optimize, but from the customer’s point of view, he added a very strong purchasing agent library, attracting enterprises and institutions throughout the country, the company settled. The results of these long tail word rankings are very good, is accidentally.

four, enhance user experience. Understanding of the experience of users of friends beyond the thinking of most of our webmaster, in addition to the actual user experience of the site, he will be some virtual sites experience increased to the site. By my friend’s permission, I open the method of virtual user experience, for everyone to learn, reference and use. Download address: http://s.pan.baidu.com/share/link, shareid=488147&, uk=170>