A rookie in the network company in three months of promotion

I am a graduating college students, in the network company 3 months internship, engaged in website promotion work experience, I experience it! During the promotion period, I have extended the three site, respectively, depending on the game, billion billion shichuangwang and one is my love her fashion. In fact, my ability is not strong, the three months I have been in practice! Over three sites for three months.

In fact,

promotion of the work is not what skills, skills and methods to promote the network on a lot, you can put one of the skills to do it all, can bring good traffic to your website. The promotion of the work hard, difficulty is to adhere to, not promotion after a period of time, can not see the effect, give up, this website promotion is the most taboo! First I just began to take over the site, is also the Yishi gaming network, the first day of work, are busy in the registered account ten blog, 50 big forum registration finished, add up all the account has more than 100, I now registered account speed was out of practice, ha ha, in the past, lay a good foundation for now. Then second days work, began to top.baidu.com blog.sina.com.cn and find some hot topics and popular content to do my promotion material, then add anything on your own website, and then use these articles to promote, promotion in the forum, the account closure is a common thing, so you need to post wonderful, shock, there is no excuse for allowing administrators to delete your post, this depends on your material, your material to new, best can resonate with readers.

said above is some experience to find material, here to talk about my experience of the promotion of forum! Post content promotion is usually a small part of the original content, is also a part of the interception of the original article, and then in the content below plus " see all " here, plus your article in the link, or add "123 next page", and then in the above plus you connected to the line and then go around the forum post, after a month of work by 51la statistics to observe which forum can bring a steady flow, and then recorded or recorded a 50 forum. Second months of the day are devoted to these forums. Then in February every day to maintain the daily average of 1000-2000 IP, this achievement for a promotion for two months of rookie, this achievement is very good. It’s over, huh?…… Thank you. Admin5 has given me the opportunity to share my experience with everyone. (text / quality, free reprint, please specify: million windows, http://s.www.yiscw.com)