What is the most beautiful web design 8 Web design trends

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website design company weavora.com, introduced in the eyes of their 8 Web design trends: single page, with photos, the background color design, oversized images, concise, focused response type design, parallax scrolling and emphasize the font, each trend behind a number of cases, I believe there will be a certain reference the value of web designer.

is like a single page

on Apple’s Web siteThe design of

single page was less popular (either client or designer), but now the whole network can be seen everywhere. A reasonable explanation is that users are now accustomed to using the mouse wheel, and it is much easier to scroll up and down than to navigate between pages.

, some of the leading big companies, including apple, also used quite a long page to display their products, and gained great results.













uses brand, product photos for background

for the purpose of branding or display, use photos in the background of the site, so that a strong visual expression can be achieved. That’s why you see such designs in the fashion, clothing, brand, travel, and other industries.





color block design

this design method is mainly introduced the square grid design, these squares must be the solid color block, matches the writing, must be square picture, matches the writing.

"brevity" is one of the main reasons for attracting users, and different colors put together to form a strong contrast, which easily lead to the visual interest of users, and then continue to explore.