New station built fifteen days independent P thousand

has done several small websites before, and accumulated some experience in building sites, but these sites are some small stations, using the two domain name, free space, it is difficult to have good prospects for development. So I decided to do a regular website, not too much, but refinement.

said he did it and applied for an independent domain name for the new site. The next step is to define what the new website theme is good, download too much, video class do not understand, then, simply do a parenting class, called "beauty, said Tong family children are the flowers of the motherland, is the future of the motherland, I am also a contribution to the future of the motherland little strength.

first fills the content around the theme of the web site. Nowadays, there are many parent and child websites, many of them are excellent, and what can I do to make myself unique? I found that other parenting websites are basically done for preschool children, and the limitations are great. In order to reflect the characteristics of their website, I added a number of columns, highlighting the age of parent-child more extensive;

two is the website that uses many kinds of means to promote:

1. submits websites to major search engines. The site just completed the day, I have to Google, Baidu, Sohu, Sogou and other major search engines submitted a web site, because the unique name of the site, second days by the major search engines included;

2. uses my blog network promotion. I’ve built a total of 15 blogs on blogs, blogs, NetEase blogs, Sina blogs, and Tencent blogs. Although the update speed is not fast, but each blog has hundreds or even more than 300 friends, I use the blog network to seek support from friends, website visits have greatly improved;

3. improves traffic through qq. I have five QQ number, each QQ number has joined 1-3 QQ group, and a lot of friends, through good friends support, but also get a lot of fixed traffic;

4. links. Link is generally easy to do, but to connect to a high weight web site. Even hundreds of connections, in thought, tired ah, this is so much good, in fact, I think a website for as long as 1520 weight is high site links is not necessary to hundreds of, that is a thankless thing;

5. do a good job of updating the website. Every day in addition to choose some and site theme related articles, every day I write a minimum parenting class article, even a short, original article is very easy to search engine, increase the flow rate;

6. in the students and friends to promote, so that they landed my beauty Tong family network, give me some suggestions for rectification, to facilitate the site to increase the depth of reading;

7. other tips.

after half a month’s efforts, I opened the webmaster to look at the statistics, after a few days of independent IP every day in more than 1000, I can not imagine, still need to work harder, >!