Teach your blog how to do 3 months 2 million traffic


a lot of people ask me, said his blog (http://s.huangquanyi.blog.163.com) over NetEase is how to do 3 months of the 2 million flow? Now, I sum up the experience, as long as we carefully read my experience, using some experience, you can ensure that your blog quickly become famous, traffic suddenly rose. Take a look at the number of visits are more than 500 thousand, and their own, only 500 people, is not a little envious of it? That’s OK. My experience here can immediately let your blog have super popularity.

1. promote

to his friends

this is what most people do because they are their most important readers. Needless to say.

2. participate in community activities

active participation in community activities is an effective way to enhance your visibility in the community, and you are more aware of the nature of your web site.

3. log posted

is a very important means of network communication, to his wonderful log popularity of the community were posted, can let more people pay attention to their own articles, of course, should leave your web address.

4. log recommended

writes more articles and is recommended to the home page of the blog, which can bring a large number of readers.

5. search engine login

can find a certain position in the search engine, which is very important for the promotion of web pages, and successfully let the search engine find you, you need to log on the web page. The landing position of these search engines is as follows, we can log on to our blog, we can improve our blog visit.


Baidu: http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html

there are also some search engines. Please look for them yourself. Note: there are some online website landing software, claiming to single sign on all search engines, please be careful, this way can easily complete the action, but often counterproductive, leading to the search engine’s counter action, The loss outweighs the gain.

6. SMS tool

SMS tools such as: QQ, MSN and other online SMS tool is also a good platform to promote their website, but please note that do not use the way we disgust, otherwise it is counterproductive.

7. media reprinted

There are thousands of

blogs, and there are lots of original logs published every day, and >