Why is it so easy for some people to start making money

maybe it’s life. When you graduated from college a few years ago, you really didn’t understand anything. From a carefree student period, you suddenly moved to a real society.

life may be like this, he has good, and he is relatively bad. Remember just graduated that time, oneself go to the job, that time really just know what call hard, what call live. We think that time, the computer is already quite popular, perhaps go bad, I was a computer science major, and science or application, hey, now, the University in recent years is really memorable school life, learning about it is only a kind of as soon as possible the real life experience, learn some knowledge of employment after rarely used, more is the principle of life and some people doing things like.

in school, learning things, graduated, no use, have to start again, or else is facing home to ask for money. From school has been dependent on, asked the family to this many years of living expenses, and now all graduated, and that can ask home again, psychologically can not go.

helpless, at that time to go online to find a lot of work, an interview can not find a home, and later found that, just this way to find a go is not the way, we must have the nature of looking for.

then began to look at the Internet that kind of work has a lot of company, the company pays attention to what talent finally answer is the development of this network, slowly began to learn this and then go to find a job, so obviously better. The first went to the interview, but the salary was very low. This was not enough for the students who had just graduated.

with the growth of work time, their work experience has begun to accumulate a lot. At this point, the wage issue began to be considered. Finally choose job hopping.

looked for other companies. Wage levels are starting to feel disappointed. Then listen to friends that the industry now do SEO is to make money, just began to listen to also don’t know what is SEO, began to try, then you can buy some space and domain name, do a dance shoe blog, after a period of hard work and research, finally got good effect. Later is the period of time just occurred in Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan may feel the need to reconstruct the reason, I have started a new SEO station, SEO from Sichuan, this time to know who is Wang Tong, Qiu Shida, with some stone interaction, see the webmaster network information in writing some SEO knowledge gradually in my SEO Blog, but only some of their own ideas, like

stands in the SEO optimization angle, how to place the website keywords, the homepage Title optimization principle and so on. These more understanding, they have their own views. Later also know what is soft Wen, never heard of before.