WEB site planning analysis of the purpose of the station

wrote an article about the planning and purpose of the recent Web site sharing:

The purpose and function of

website planning is to determine the direction of the site and determine the way to achieve this goal, but also to determine the site to achieve the function. For example, customers often make such demands on Internet service providers, and by distributing sites on the Internet, the information is spread to buyers and suppliers of raw materials all over the world. Customers say their hearts desire, but to be specific, which requires professional guidance, according to the customer’s objective conditions for analysis, come up with a complete site planning.

The content of

site planning should include these aspects:

1, site purpose

The purpose of

site is very important, he is concerned with the dominant idea of the entire site construction and page design highlights the content and layout style.

2, implementation

implementation is very flexible, the same content can be dynamic or static performance, service providers can explain to customers, according to the actual situation of their own customers determined.

3, production workload

As a service provider,

clearly tells the customer that the specific work and workload is necessary, as well as the necessary materials and necessary instructions.

4, indicating the services provided

in planning, service providers to provide services to the customer types specified, such as domain name registration, hosting and given permission, site planning, web promotion, Homepage Making pages, provide application etc..