Personal webmaster in your insist will be successful

network in this winter, some people can stick to the station has been very good, there are a lot of abandoned. Personal webmaster do not have relatively perfect team, some have no technology, earn money not much. I also belong to this kind of did not earn much money, but I think I still should adhere to it, because I have been doing this for three or four years, has accumulated some experience, below and share master, do not laugh, and I hope some webmaster like me to grow with.

from the beginning of doing stand mixed, only to flow to survive, really sad Oh. From the beginning of the site, did not seriously consider the characteristics of the site. Now understand, do stand must have their own characteristics, so that you can be a long-term tens of millions of down, in fact, to survive and look forward to profitability, that is, to attract visitors eye place. Otherwise, the website does not have the soul, give up sooner or later. Even if you stick to the end,.

so we do before we must first locate your site development direction, their hearts have a plan to refer to the model has been successful site. Some owners do not have the technology, that they do not fit it, and not suitable for the technology, it is important, but even the best technology to some people go to the operation, it will play the effect. There is no perfect planning, good technology is just castles in the air, not much significance.

for our fledgling webmaster, technology, capital and so on. It is unlikely that we, so we should have a better idea, believe that a good idea can attract more people. But how I can get my station made it, I think we must first choose a better the domain name, the best use of.Com meters, because this is the identity of the majority of Internet users meters, CN meters is also good, you can consider. Secondly,. Made out of the station, the facade can not too bad. Although we do not have any capital, but visitors feel good is really good, and then zero cost, users feel very garbage, and that revenue is definitely zero returns. The necessary design can not be saved. So we should learn to learn. The promotion is to do personal station owners are most concerned about? This is sure to stand out, there will be one or more fragrant wine, also not be found. It does not have much skill, practice you to! Practice. The most important thing is to insist, less stick to what can do oh. You can go to do more links, but also want to have a choice, can be used to optimize the.


finally stressed, "do station success is continuous practice, believe in yourself, as long as you work hard will succeed, and I hope we can all get development.".

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