Now the nternet business is to find and change

"now the Internet industry is to find and change!" this sentence is one of my brother said, a Internet Co he founded, is people and money to solve the most difficult problems encountered.

running a website definitely involves a lot of problems. It must be more than just two aspects of money and people. But when you start to do this, or just start, you will find the two most troublesome. A person’s strength is very limited, and Ma Yun’s success is also a combination of many cattle talent created, so before you start, you must first perfect a team. This involves the "human" factors. The early entrepreneurs need to find someone, because you do not have all, even with this ability, your time and energy is limited, to oneself is not good washing effect, easy to health broke down. To find the right partner, at least there is a bright spot is to identify with the agreement. The first is that he agrees with you, and believes in you and is willing to cooperate with you. Second, he thinks your project is promising and worth fighting for. One is right, and the other is right. The simple two points are really hard to satisfy at the same time. So many entrepreneurial teams are college classmates or colleagues who work together for a long time. Meets the suitable poineering partner, looks like looks for the male (female) friend, needs to touch, needs the fate.

obviously, the Internet is a "burn money" industry, you can start from scratch, but developed, you must need financial support, otherwise it can not be bigger. Therefore, the Internet business must also face "find" money". Personally believe that the initial stage of entrepreneurship is to use their own funds to support, and so really started to develop, you can go to finance financing. Of course, if you’re not short of money or money, it doesn’t make any difference to you. You must learn to tell your project clearly and vividly to investors, learn their ideas, and learn to negotiate. This is a cooperation based on mutual benefit, so as an entrepreneur, you should face it with confidence and show your personality charm and project potential. I am sure you will succeed.

I am now in the stage of preparation for entrepreneurship, and now is facing a perfect team, that is, "looking for people" stage. This is what we have to experience, and here I wish myself, and I wish you all the Internet entrepreneurs all the best!


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