The core competitiveness of local websites does not win by quantity

more than two years ago began to engage in the website, strong in the webmaster nets, although not too famous, but also a few struggling in line website. In this year also wrote many soft Wen, someone said not long before I finish, but two years apparently those comrades could not find, I 809 generation (the previous name) is still alive, low-key fashion now, but for the new website, and I share a little experience, experience here is real real experience.

used a soft discovered network, it is doing what the website income how many, very attractive, but now more and more people see this article are rational, because they don’t work. So a lot of time in the blind could not find the project owners to start the local flocking industry information website, I was one of them, as to what the project is not mentioned, sad ah. At first, I did a silly idea. Now that I have occupied a site, I have done a few more of these websites and occupied other areas. It did not take long before I built 4 websites in this city, the 3 local ones.

said that the first field is how to die, then Baidu in the big city to see which city which is not, so the election of the two city in the province of Harbin and, in the latter part of the thought process, waiting for money can come through the bank card, ranking, website users send a message, because it is the local site, sometimes with a few users to call to consult the relevant business, I didn’t know which city is called, it is muddleheaded, mentioned in conversation names do not know, they want to meet with talk, but listen so far will be nothing, and even some that is a liar. As for advertising, there is no more, a local station has no influence, how can you make money, advertising is to do the real business done, especially local industry information station, where is waiting to come. Understand that these are about 1 years, two of them did not renew, including domain name and space, a price which was sold to a station in the area, the funny thing is Guangdong webmaster do Beijing website, ranking up after hanging up tens of thousands of needless to say a fool would buy sale. Finally, all don’t know.

say that local 3, 3 sites are the same theme, then want to occupy the strong search engine to win, because users are not willing to pay in the website, so the user does not send the information, if this money is not earned nor users, so they the second ranking website to send information, so I send the information to the first ranking website, the website at least a little information, or what’s a website. There are third sites, foil, after a period of operation, this approach is completely wrong, why,


my sentiment is one sentence:

Chinese Internet users or web site users never want to spend money when they have a free choice. They can only pay for unique services or they can recognize them