Shenzhen local dating site offline activities obvious effect

Shenzhen is now dating sites, can be said to be what kind of forms are various types of dating, the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, a dating column or channel, here is not for example now dating sites, can be said to be a variety of types such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, making the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, there are friends the column or channel, here is not for example

this kind of dating station, audience, a wide range of people, the flow is also very large, then I do regional friends station, how should we respond to?

, first of all, site positioning. That is must have the audience base clear, just like the traditional product marketing must first determine the market, if you are not sure what people see your website, this website is not sticky, what is the significance of such as advertising on websites such as

?Study on the

after a period of time, I found a long-term fixed residence of the young people are more receptive to local youth friends, friends do stand flow and the crowd are fixed, targeted advertising will be relatively more.

second, overall planning. The local portal website, and I almost at the same time, launched a dating channel, let me complain incessantly, as we all know, the local portal has a great flow, home page ads, so that he has a very high click. This will take into account the website design style, program development and process is suitable for users, I found that the local portal friends, relatively few columns, style, to tell the truth, in general, and this is one of my breakthrough. I immediately made a new revision of the program, the main increase of users, clubs, sections, as well as super group column, so that the interactivity of the site has been greatly improved, users slowly returned.

third, user focus. You want to keep the user, you should have a good website operation mode, for example, in a certain period of time, improve the column read permissions, and play the announcement, inform the column at a time of open reading, please look forward to and so on.

not regularly open permissions to certain columns, so that users will have a sense of mystery, a look, often come up to see. Those curious users, impatient users, have paid to buy VIP members, this method, in my actual operation process, has achieved better results.

of course, column setting, we must have new ideas, there must be substantial content, otherwise, people will feel a sense of deception.

tell me a little bit about my regional friendly station promotion method,

I’ve tried many different ways,

1. friends net friend propaganda: make full use of your colleagues, friends. Let the website have vitality at first, let oneself see the hope.

sees who tells him to have such a station, the colleague, the friend, as well as own friend, like this dissemination speed is also very quick.

2. advertise in the street, print some small and beautiful advertisements, and write some friends