Analysis of the impact of Google exit on personal websites in China

went through Baidu’s black affair yesterday, and this morning learned that Google announced it might withdraw from the Chinese market. In 2010, Baidu and Google were no strangers. For Google suddenly announced that may withdraw from the Chinese market, ordinary Chinese Internet users may not care about, and will not be as much as Baidu can not open, resulting in tremendous impact. If one day, Google really quit the Chinese market, the most striking thing about this is the personal webmaster, especially in Baidu can not get the number of personal flow station.

, here is my website today’s search engine traffic statistics, Baidu brings more than 8000 Internet users, accounting for nearly 80% of the share. Google brought 1600 Internet users, from gogole access has far exceeded my expectations of Google, but compared with Baidu, the gap is too great.


many people still adhere to the high quality of Google user traffic, and with the increasing number of users of Baidu, this point can not be seen at all. For example, traffic statistics professional IT comment on the blog – Moonlight blog in 2009, Baidu probably bring traffic is too high, Mr. Long Weilian in the last post also can not help but sigh: "more and more users use Baidu, even the professional field is the same, Google really tragedy." Long Mr. William is a loyal Google hardcore user, regardless of his own use of Baidu, likes Baidu, and can not help but admit that Google is becoming more and more downhill in china. Google, if you drop out of China, I think the loss is negligible for search engines that access more than 80% of Baidu’s Web site.

for Baidu K station or in Baidu poor performance of personal Adsense, of course, can not accept Google exit, otherwise, the site completely not much traffic. Self access Web site, the use of favorite access to Internet users is too limited, to my personal website, for example, the search engine traffic accounted for 53%, this proportion has been very small. Personal website search engine brings more than 70%, 80% or even 90% of the total number of go, at least to the current Chinese personal website of more than 80%, this trust against a few people.


in other words, your site location and mode are very good, you are also very hard, but the search engine doesn’t give you face, you can only stare. Just like when you start a business, some people are diligent and hardworking, and your career is also very promising, but you are short of money. In the main Chinese website Baidu is king, if you could not take up Baidu, Google is the second search engine, even if your performance in the gogole well, your website’s success rate at least to delay, but not a month for two months so short.