9 years of entrepreneurship 6 times Twitch founder taught you how to spend the capital winter

Abstract: entrepreneurial success is a small probability event. However, as long as there is a successful experience of entrepreneurship, then the probability of re starting or continuous business success is very large.


"if you’re not on vacation, you’re embarrassed to say you’re investing," he says. "This is a popular joke in VC circles. Some people even joked that, in the world famous scenic spots, can encounter vacation Chinese VC.

according to statistics, in 2015 the growth rate of private investment was 10.1%, unchanged from previous years. In the first half of this year, it fell to only 2.8%. With some investors in the exchange of everyone laments, in 2016 this year investors not only when the speed is much slower than last year, even many have got the financing of start-up companies, was also dead died.

now venture capital market, can be used to describe the tragic. Has entered the cold winter capital market, let a person feel the cold current. Even people begin to doubt that this situation is likely to become a "new normal" in the next few years".

, let’s look at a living example. In the United States, there is a Chinese God, he not only in the capital market under the condition of the weak "upstream", but also again and again to refresh their entrepreneurial success record, has become a legendary Silicon Valley venture, to become entrepreneurs to learn. His experience, for the financing difficulties in China’s entrepreneurs, I believe there will be a strong reference.

recently, in the current most popular social applications Snapchat, an American well-known entrepreneur held a very innovative "entrepreneurial talent show", attracted attention from all walks of life. In the competition, the start-up team can apply to the sponsor for displaying their own project and, if selected, have the opportunity to log in and take over the Snapchat of the famous venture capitalist for an hour. As a result, the event attracted more than 400 entrepreneurs, whose popularity and influence were evident.

, Justin, Kan, Snapchat’s

talent show

, his name is Justin Kan, born in 1983, an entrepreneur and investor of Chinese descent. He is now a partner in Y Combinator. YC is a famous American investment incubator company, famous for manufacturing entrepreneurial millionaires.

Justin Kan is so famous because of his legendary venture capital experience. He founded his first company at the age of 23, and in the 9 years from 2006 to 2015, he founded 6 companies in the United States, with a continuous and efficient entrepreneurial capacity.

how did he do that? Let’s take a look at him first