A basin of succulent plants caused by the economic sub categories of adorable pet market segments

flowers and trees industry potential in the end how much? Taobao data show that flowers and trees category has 80 thousand sellers, the number of goods for 7 million 580 thousand, the daily turnover of 6 million 10 thousand. Although the figures are not conspicuous, but from the experience of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, China’s flower industry is on the eve of the outbreak, and the online market may become the explosion point.

and in the moment, flowers and trees in the C end of the line, mainly in flowers, potted and other products to carry out the emotional shape of the realization. Among them, the impressive "MOE economy" is an important representative, through the gathering of people on the road to rush enthusiasts gathered, with a temperature and emotional way to do business.


simple and cute and gorgeous colors, a variety of forms but are adorable appearance, the adorable succulents, only under the brow, but on my mind.

Many people love

grow fleshy, with "the" word. The word is wonderful. "Raising" is a verb with attributes, such as likes, love, intentions, concentration and so on. A fleshy, love to get together, mixed circle, sharing, sun Bao, the plant as a child, looks good, can’t wait to show; ill, care-laden around for. Others look at the worries, but the people who enjoy it.

so do the emotional sustenance adorable business, there really is no real feelings.


shop "Zhi Qiu original living museum" is doing business. The three level of Chen Yifan, founder of fleshy fancier fleshy amateur level Aiko and Jin Yi, just because adorable thing, together operating in Shanghai Shaanxi road "Zhi Qiu original" fleshy salon and Taobao shop name.

"if it’s my favorite to be your favorite, and your love can make me do what I love, how happy it should be!" sounds like a "tongue twister"". The second category of purple flower gardening Yao told Taobao "world network" reporters, meat is a small plant in the classification, but the development speed is amazing, 2013 ranked first in the search category, the daily search volume is about more than 60 thousand.

is not to be reckoned with the MOE, the economy is approaching, please look at the original autumn is how to use a temperature and emotional way to do business.

Maintenance of

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"dust Yifan 54" the account was black, Chen Yifan has saved more than 10000 fans, which is a large part of meat lovers.

raise fleshy people love mixed circle, forum, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ group, tie a circle is not enough, often several times, each other has elegant flowers as a friend. Development to "Zhi autumn original" open micro-blog, flower friends gather, there are more than 5000 people.


opened a Taobao store, "Zhi Qiu yuan" in Shanghai Shaanxi South Road, the fleshy salon has little known.