Me and my industry website

in order to note, especially December 1st started, the feeling of a new beginning, a new progress, and let stand a sense of history, a great background. Ha ha, not much gossip, mentioned below, I do some summary of the station, like to communicate with you,


1. Content selection:

South Korea clothing net (website omitted) is a central and South Korea to build clothing collocation of clothing, women’s clothing collocation mainly includes the information portal!, fashion, symphony of women, clothing culture, fashion jewelry, women, beauty salons and other related information class. Do Korean clothing in the choice of content and I spent a lot of time, before the station has been confused. And this station in the early stage, I made some investigation and analysis, do Korean clothing this kind of website is not much, positioning and I stand close to less, forming a certain scale of the station is even less. Therefore, the Korean clothing network hopes to break through. At the same time, I also can use some combination of its own factors, such as I have some knowledge of the Korean fashion net silver, so in this respect, compared with other information website, Korean clothing network has certain advantages. In addition, visit these sites basically belongs to a relatively high consumption of high-quality fashion groups, the effective use of this group will get a good return, can be transformed into a commercial profit model. Of course, there is another motive for this station: personal needs. It is conceivable that many people have the information needs in this respect.

two, site planning,

webmaster although many are free time, but the station can not be too free, in casual. Also like work, the work of the site has a plan, have goals, so that you can make yourself clear grasp of the development process of the site. First of all, what is the location of the site, you can not set a very easy to achieve goals, or else there is no power to stand. The positioning of the site can not be overstated, how much time more than Baidu, QQ for these individual owners are not practical, too high is ignorance, need to go through the investigation and analysis, we must first understand the general situation of the industry of the site, and then according to their own strength through the struggle, the maximum can reach what kind of goals. This is the objective positioning. After positioning, then the steps to achieve the goal of planning, the provisions of the same ruler, you can compare the process of running the site, bit by bit progress will give you a stand, with great momentum.

three, domain name selection:

www. is omitted, South Korean clothing, is simple and easy to remember. Believe it once, and you’ll never forget it. Very easy to print in people’s minds. At the same time the search will be very friendly, are all static generating station.

four, information configuration:

Korean clothing network, non entertainment site, visitors are for information, so in the content frame column positioning, I am around