Decoding knowledge knowledge organization framework model big analysis UGC website optimization how


depth analysis of the current content architecture model, for community applications, developers can extend their architecture thinking to the general UGC site product optimization.

knows that the average quality of the current domestic users of the highest web site, the average daily access to IP in more than 600 thousand. For such a high degree of user activity, output a large number of high-quality content (UGC) sites, how to better organize the content of the presentation, and the quality of the part of the value maximization is very important.

basic module (1 question -n answer -n comment module)

knows that one problem in the underlying module corresponds to the N answer, and one answer corresponds to the N comment, so we can call the underlying module 1 questions, and -n answer the -n comment module. The basic module has only known hypothesis framework, will be a kind of scene? That is the flow of information over time and continue to generate new content and to replace old information quickly washed away, no difference on the basis of the linear module of the display will be a disaster for the user:

in a simple list of marine linear information, the user derives the required information cost is too high; the flow of information as river waters and the information point value of the transient information mining, the value has been seriously wasted; information users can not put the valuable information from the river "scoop out", without visible information available, can not produce long-lasting effect.

know the product designers are well aware of these potential disaster, and for each point of the problem of targeted product design program, the following wooden handle one by one to start analysis.

topic module


topic module is used to solve the problem that the cost of getting information needed by users is too high in a linear, simple list of information ocean. Almost know, each basic module (1 -n answer -n comment module) can add "topic" logo, "topic" describes the basic modules of "categories", the topic module module and is based on many to many mapping (many2many). In fact, adding "logos" to content is common in the organization model of content Centered Web sites, which many websites call tags (such as Lofter).

but the topic of knowing goes farther than the regular web site: the topic of knowing is not as isolated as the tag; it defines a set of data structures that organize the topic. Please note that the topic itself is based on the module is a form of organization, and there is a data structure describing the topic of organizational form, then we can divide the data structure called "to describe the structure organization structure, know oneself is so introduced the" describe the structure of the structure: "know all the topics the relationship between structure.