Google included less than two hours Baidu almost half a month not included

do for a long time, for other website BBS do promotion, for personal promotion or more experience. In order to further study the network of things, recently made a small station, using the CMS system.

do when standing, think too much, just learning network promotion of things, so use the SEO tool to check some information, the last position in the joke, according to some data in the network owners to see friends, so in the choice of domain name is very careful. After the choice, found that the main domain name Xiaohua has been registered, and later thought of the recent fire net domain name kaixin01, so brainstorm, chose as their own domain name. This is consistent with the title of the website. It should be good for the future SEO.

then began to do web content. In the beginning, he collected nearly 300 articles, and then edited them one after another in the background. (methods are learned here, pseudo original), this has done basically three days. Then begin to submit to GG, Baidu and other platforms. Then immediately according to the webmaster friends, quickly by 365, Baidu, QQ bookmarks, Yahu network, and GG network, all made 1. Surprisingly, the site was included 2 hours by Google. Never brag, remember last time a friend said that the website was collected for 5 minutes (of course, Google), and later I summed up. What really makes Google quick is that you just submit it to 365key and pick up some of your articles with him. Google was soon included.

these net collection, personal use of these days, I feel 365 can be promoted to be included. The news can bring traffic, basically no other use. Then, every day to do something like the chain, of course, Baidu currently not included, can not do links, do are some BBS outside the chain. As for Baidu. Read a lot of information. Maybe now it takes 20 days.

recently, according to a friend’s article, I also increased the originality of the article. Try to make other articles out of the reach of Google and Baidu. And, at the beginning of each article, make a summary. This will probably lead to true imitations. There’s another point. Please ask my friends to correct me. I use the hbcms system, the main domain name of this system is Baidu K. Is my website using this system also affected?. But I saw some friends use this system, there are normal included, every day included yo.

ha ha. Do stand, such as a man, stick to it, there may be harvest. Stand for interest only. Later, if Baidu included, I will here and everyone, he enjoys SEO and keyword selection experience. Grow up with everyone.