At five in the morning what are you doing at this time of the station

has been at five in the morning, did not rest last night, looking at the computer next to the coke, to think the original bottle cap is not opened, only 20 cigarettes left 3, from entering the network career that day is the last day!! is still a sleepless night, this night, this life of I was quite normal, if one night I 00:00 before the break, certainly not normal, illness is not too tired, countless nights there is always a little sad, medical graduates, do their work did not go well, they began the utterly ignorant of website, maybe this is God! Do not know how you love it!

!Since the

since their own web site to know, the original is not tired, just for farmers in the fields farming, migrant workers in carrying cement. In fact, our stationmaster is very tired, every day on the site for information audit, update the site every day, countless sleepless night, is to let the users to see more information, this time you may still sleep in, but we do? Hand holding a cigarette, beating even wear out the letter keyboard, tired smoking, trapped with cold water to wash a face to


into this industry, feel changed a lot, character is not so cheerful, don’t love to talk, do not love collecting yourself, girlfriend go (because there is no time to accompany her), after three years of feelings after the show, I feel the love can always transfer as a joke, feeling, vows can be used as fart, sometimes want to give up, want to do an ordinary person, go to work every day, work at home have a girlfriend to do the food is enough, but I can’t, because accustomed, girlfriend now to me, is the only Arabian Nights. Want to be your own website, do what you love, a love I feel constrained, the website industry is suitable for me, but the academic is very shallow, self is so tired!


in the hands of the cigarette once replaced, perhaps more think this night in the webmaster like me, through the night, at the ceiling and tears fell down, sometimes think the world is not very unfair to me, since the owners feel more tears, sometimes is rather baffling want to cry, cry for whom, I don’t know, maybe just release your feelings!


when walking in the street to see a pair of lovers pass, I used to think too, this time to feel the original is lonely, when I see friends about their love between the sweet love, I can only use memory to make up their own emptiness and helplessness, countless times with a cigarette in front of the computer. Stay to relieve your mood, this time also don’t know what to think, feel not what things, in addition to a family and she is reluctant to talk to my website, a window at the passing car sound, a new day has begun, the website information audit has been done I wish I could, to provide users a new information.