Create a good first impression network marketing will be half done


like interview clothes dressed more likely to win in Western dress and leather shoes, the interviewer. In website construction and network marketing, a good first impression has been half done. If a good first impression is abstract and not easy to understand, then a bad impression is not conducive to the development of network marketing. For example, when we open a web site, we can’t open it for half a day. It is not easy to wait for the page loaded, but found that the website content has not been updated for a long time, and a lot of content page art design is generally wide of the mark. Users experience such a general site, if it is not a special factor, presumably will be abandoned by many users. Say something simple, the website to the user’s impression is actually the user experience, but this experience is not limited to web design, and network promotion, website copy writing and many other links.

, new and accurate search, display, creativity,

There are many ways to promote

websites, and search engine marketing is the most direct and effective way. Whether it’s buying keyword ads or getting an ideal display location through natural ranking, it’s important to search for new and accurate searches. When the user has not clicked the link of the website, the search originality that shows to the user basically has two parts, a website title, another is website content description. If you spend money on keyword ads, search engines allow users to combine websites, display pages, and promotional ads for their own definitions. If it is a natural ranking, then the title and content description of the website comes from the TITLE and DEscriptION of the corresponding web pages.

but in either way, search and display must follow a principle that conforms to the theme of the displayed page. On the one hand, the search engine does not allow too much creativity deviated from the target page topic, on the other hand, if the user to browse to the final page and search engine inside the show is not consistent, it will reduce the user experience. So it’s important that website ads show initiatives to be loyal to target web pages. But there is a problem that is faithful to the original "theme of the creative sometimes is indeed attractive, not so creative and novel, but also affect the user experience, can bring important experience to the user supreme. Generally speaking, which rhetoric is neat and user symmetrical sentences are more vigorous, because both the title of the website and the description of the content of the website are only a few dozen words.

two, fast and stable website operation guarantee

even better websites need to be displayed, so as long as it affects the display of the website, it’s the key factor. There are many factors that affect the stable operation of the website. The choice of the website server and the choice of the domain name DNS resolution server are very important. In China, because of the long-standing pattern of South Telecom and North Netcom, interconnection has been a critical link to the normal operation of the website. Fortunately, many front-line hosting services have been based on Unicom