China’s top 10 e commerce in my eyes

5 years of online trade experience and China comprehensive B2B e-commerce 10 comments

years ago, drink, blew my online trading experience, this time always have a friend to ask me some questions I answered many times, so I’ll just write an article, send out for everyone to see.

According to the investigation report of the

authority, the next 3-5 years, the electronic commerce is the outbreak period, the next 5-10 years, the maturity of e-commerce, this more than a few years ago we said the future of the company is the e-commerce company to feel more specific and reliable. Things are different now.

who is the best e-commerce website, I tell you is Baidu, absolutely not Alibaba, you might think I’m nuts, interested friends can seriously look at my analysis. 5 years later, we will go to Admin5 to see my article, and verify my point of view.

is the first self introduction, the author is China the first batch of Internet users, is the veteran e-commerce applications, not the master, of course also knows and did not point sites, 15 sites forum moderators, with no less than 20 net, wrote the article together can this book, I have many early and this is also the major site traces. I found that from the beginning of 2003, the enormous opportunities of the Internet (previously only play), and I found that many companies are very good, not the promotion, will only allow the clerk to sweep the floor, a large number of distribute leaflets / brochures, so I was devoted to the study of network marketing, which later became the main occupation I, according to the popular saying, I belong to the network marketing planning, advanced.

large and small things, in addition to other companies to do network marketing, I also sell some clothes and electronic products sold on the internet. The amount of money earned from the Internet is 10 million, or millions. So today is a great poet, according to my practical experience to the B2B web site to a comprehensive personalized ranking and assessment.

this company began to do business online in April 2003. The first product was the kite group buying in the forum. The first single business was an acquaintance and made 120. Large and small sites, also offers hundreds of members of the site, never upload pictures to optimize keywords proficiency, to later tea are money income, is over. Of course, some of them are disappearing so fast that I can’t remember my name.

We often say

online trading, online trading online trading is how? Pure nonsense, I feel at this stage of e-commerce is online advertising. The first step in online trading is to let the buyer find you, what payment problems, logistics problems are in this problem, buyers see your product counterparts, will call immediately. I’ve been doing business for so many years, and I’ve been using Internet payment several times, but I don’t believe it. Say, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bills. May I use the Internet to pay for it? I heard Taobao