Friendship link friendship or naked business

my blog, in addition to the website collection, there are several sites frequented by myself, the link has been controlled in a certain number, the future will not be more than 20. Many webmaster crazy to do links to improve PR, but in fact, the role has become less and less. For example, you and web site do, even if it PR10, there can be hundreds of connections, according to the principle of PR share, PR10 website share hundreds of sites to connect, you can get only 0.1 less. Google PR to now, it has become garbage, my friend registered last month domain name, this month PR 3, long lost the original meaning.

stands in SEO’s position, links can quickly improve rankings, is that true? I don’t feel like that, and links aren’t very important in SEO. Better find 1 quality ones than 100 low quality ones. Weight problem is really critical, that is not friendship links can solve. In SEO, there is nothing more important than content. You don’t take anything, what, how to rely on links or reverse links to the number of examples to pressure me. Countless facts have proved that the content is supreme. If you are going to develop a website for a long time, it is better to concentrate on the content. Qiu Shida’s many examples are very classic, but also can not do without high-quality content, relying solely on reverse links and links that kind of experiment, although the scenery is temporary, but can not escape being K. His SEO data station can be ranked first in the Baidu SEO for up to one year, and is not a link to resist.

many people do friendship links just for PR and ranking, connection is no longer in contact with each other, just like last friend said in Webmaster nets, it is ruthless connection. Look at the connection now sell rampant, I very feel outdated, in my opinion, Links is friendship and interaction between websites, has now become a trading relationship, don’t know this for the majority of owners have another source of income and happy, or sad for this phenomenon. Do we really have to rely on the poor personal webmaster link fee on the Internet

drag out an ignoble existence?

links this thing, can not be met, a good connection should be done, but should not be forced, it is of no practical significance. Better not for friendship links, lost watermelon, sesame picking.

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