From the initial site to enter the SEO industry five months of experience

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entered the SEO industry of small webmaster, remember that in stationmaster the threshold is a chance, because when I first learned the choice is the electronic commerce (which is making the website construction, the optimization of SEO) can be said to be utterly ignorant of, once for a we want to say the website customer website optimization (PPC) promotion, remember when customers want to do is the word "loadometer" (a popular keyword page is full, promotion) customers want to have your website do second pages can through technical means to achieve


so I SEO the way of learning begins, the beginning is to look at about SEO in a number of forums, little knowledge of some of the others, because of the work, the day busy work assigned in the company, because the company more work, so only in the evening after returning home to find time to learn and slowly began to know that site is used to do what domain is what to know what is the website right down, what is the weight of the website……… About two weeks later he tried to do a website, then spent 60 yuan to buy a domain name ( because of his work in the network, so the construction site one thing for me is not very troublesome! And then spent two days vacation time life first established their own web site QQ station, the first station did not know what the key to sit Good words, choose a QQ space free code, QQ free skin, first thing slowly began to get used to open the computer is not included in site increase ranking up! There is no normal snapshot! I believe that many of the owners are in their station IP sorrow…

remember one morning site: AI! Played by Baidu drop right home run disappeared three months after the establishment of the hard results soon cast to waste on the site! Began looking for a About Baidu drop right home page how to do, how to do the website home page is missing data find a lot of home, what is missing is not necessarily the right to be reduced….site… Try Baidu site network owners try to find site are not in the home was a little stable point.

but found no back on! Their ranking is off Trinidad! From 45 Baidu page fourth (before the heart wants to be able to find two weight a little higher ranking up under the webmaster link should be beautiful. Think of…) I fell into the 18 page keyword whole the whole fell more than 100.

thought this is not saved, also on the network to find some information on this result! Many are some unrealistic answer! What the old station keep building a new station, because the station was K to natural search engine rankings included re time is long · · · · · · &mid>