8 guidelines for sharing game station operations

games, is a rigid demand for the development of the Internet today, with a strong user stickiness and profit depth, can be said that once the hold of this direction, then bring the owners more than we do when the harvest QQ expression station. But things are always two sides, the industry has overheated, but also led to some of the webmaster began to grasp the game station marketing focus. Spell resources, play novel, finally get nothing, and even drop a pompous, unrealistic reputation. This is not shocking, there are many such friends around, think to keep up with the times, push a few popular games, and then help social marketing, everything is easy to do. But is the game station really so good,


business card 77 sites also have a long time, they can not be said to be master, but from another site was still a transition from, plus points, for so many years and some friends dealing, feel for the game, the game for attention, I have some personal views, because I graduated from science love, a list of points, so I summed up the 8 words, I hope you go.

1 game station needs to be well localized in the core users, their gender, age and social class have a good grasp, only know that we can be more rational to set up some game categories, even profit method, keep a group of students get paid games, is clearly not appropriate.

2, compared to search rankings, I feel that social marketing is more important. The former allows us to get a lot of convenience in keyword, and social marketing will allow our game or website to get the maximum range of promotion. Word of mouth is a tremendous force, around WeChat, micro-blog, and even the unfamiliar street will be we can take measures.

3 game station needs what, I think this is the problem that a lot of stationmaster are considering. Is a beautiful picture or super rich resources? Neither, as a game player, you want to go to the station to play what? From my perspective, I went to the game station is download games or watch the evaluation, which is more important. Because the latter can provide guidance for me. This will give us a wake up, do not need to pursue too play station gorgeous effect, so as to attract others, and a sincere station attitude, let users come to your website to really see what you want, this is the key.

4 has made such a multi-faceted game station, has looked at some successful people, but more is the loser. The reason for their failure is very simple, that is, the game station does not have a clear positioning, that the word will pay attention to more money, the result of two months without making money, gave up. The game station close attention to traffic, but also need to transform, in your time not set a value to the user, the money is nonsense, no meaning.

5 game industry is now fierce competition, we desperately want to throw money, play bidding, is to everyone’s approval, money can burn, but for more friends, the bidding did not dare to think. In such a case, we are <