How to do well in the forum community


Web2.0 swept the Internet, website activity into a large number of small and medium-sized community forums in the eyes of the "lifeline", I personally think that the forum is a kite, is the wind, is a member of the line, if there is no wind, the wind will not drive, so as to let the kite fly in the air. The forum and community activities are divided into two parts: online activities and offline activities.

online activity

is currently the most online forum community with active way, such as the house365 forum, an online activities every week, and weekly activities are very novel, perhaps only such frequent activities, in order to transport fresh blood to the forum.

, one of the most basic programs for online activity planning, is as follows:

The theme of

1. activity

[the theme of the activity should be clear, clear and attractive. ]

The content of

2. activity

, such as essay activities, photo activities, puzzles, and so on, is now very close to April Fool’s day, and can do some activities about April Fool’s Day texting contest]

The purpose of

2. activity

3. activity time

4. prize setting

[such as vouchers, small gifts, small gifts forum, can buy 5 yuan, 50 yuan in the mysterious gift prizes set; forum can reach certain points for gifts, gifts of the integral to some distance, like China Merchants Bank credit card once, to 2 million integral can exchange for a passat. ]

but it’s hard to run into a lot of problems when it comes to online execution. I’ve listed the problems I’ve been faced with:

The time period of

1. activity

question: in online activities, often because of the long activity time, leading to the activities of the early net friend enthusiasm, and in the later period, popularity is gradually reduced.

solution: activity time best control in about 1 months, if more than a month, they need not stop speculation, can let the old members bring new members, and then given the appropriate integration of some old members.

The integrity mechanism of

2. activity

question: the integrity mechanism is divided into two positions. In the website to the netizen’s standpoint, the website can not guarantee that the activity that the netizen takes is without cheating suspicion, such as brush ticket, etc.; in the netizen to the standpoint of the website, the netizen can not guarantee whether the website has done justice.

solution: the site can only take the only way to limit a IP, allowing only 24 hours to vote once, the net friend is willing to believe it, there is no credible.

offline activity

offline activity >