A shortcut to an annual net income of over ten million dollars

for Internet into this pool of muddy water in the fish’s entrepreneurs, has influenced too much on the Internet making the rich mythology. From the outstanding student cadres pacesetter Chen to rely on a "legend" writing billions of rich legend, to this year’s holiday gifts of Shi Yuzhu on the "journey" to win the Internet journey, from simple 265 website to let Cai Wensheng from the hands of Google to earn a lot of money, not astonishing Ma created in the stock market Alibaba super myth, raging like a storm the Internet arena was born so many entrepreneurs for chiefs.

so, too many dreams of young blood, resolutely embarked on the Internet business on the road, looked up, big and small grassroots website, as the spring wheat fields, with the hope of growth, as the webmaster hard farmer, the test for a year, no good the crops can change to shilong. Spend your time, the kind of firm and indomitable insist, make people respect. However, many people do not know clearly, in this arena on the Internet, in order to achieve success and win recognition gradual decent martial arts practice, in addition, there are also some heresy, that people can quickly developed.

here, I reveal the secrets of a river of secrets about how a website can quickly move into the ranks of an annual income of over ten million.

in fact, this secret is very simple, three words or three words squared, nine words, you can speak clearly. Dear brothers, the Bush polish, I will shake the burden, that is: This is the three big bang; a word, supplementary explanation, nine words: with government authority.

maybe you do not believe, doubt, say, that is the developers do business, the Internet is a clean, sunny industry. Well, let me give you two examples, let you sincerely convinced.

, first example, the name nets. Is there some time ago in Beijing raise a Babel of criticism of the new shop, a man involved in each shop, Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau have the certification fee of 500 yuan. If this thing has become, you see, that is how much income, Beijing city have ten thousand shop, is $5 million, one hundred thousand, 50 million. Unfortunately, it was discovered, or the income to the sea. This is actually a cable network means a bit lacking, you think, if you start near the State Administration for Industry and commerce, it became the nine out of ten, so good, how much is the national network operators? A 500 yuan, also not to numb the neck dizziness. In the end how much income you can count on, not enough fingers, feet also used enough, you count ten days and a half months.

second examples, the electronic regulatory network. This guy is more clever than the name of the cable net, one side is near the tree, state quality inspection administration than Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau and high a grade. This does not, in 2007 December, the National Quality Inspection Administration jointly issued the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, requirements of household appliances, wood-based panels, food, cosmetics and other nine categories of 69 kinds of key products production enterprises must join electronic monitoring network, in the production of.