From the media platform hundreds of numbers how to operate

first introduced himself ha, I was that [AR]


, this is my 100 home background screenshot


yes, then, from 10.28, a small one, I can say, has accompanied the growth of a hundred. To tell you the truth, I have more platforms now, including a little bit of penguin, UC, headline, and QQ public number. In fact, each platform needs to grow, from the beginning of all kinds of BUG, then one side of the princes, that is not a step by step,


WeChat has just started to flow the main flow? Penguin? Headlines to permanently, that is not a novice, just start walking step by step? Give 100, and you are in a short period of time to give you the income from the media, is a huge profits. However, hundreds of these days because the system to income instability, but also made clear the official reply said: "give you later investigation, again before the abnormal return, but do not know why people are still complaining.


yes, I’m a small media man. But I want to say what I think. I have an invitation from an advanced number to the title, only a dozen days. I complained, and I got angry too. But later I imagined that I did have a touch of something, and then I made a compromise (many people said that the advanced number would not be sealed, what was official, and why I was blocked. But I very much like the number 100 platform, and later found a small partner around me also applied for a number. In order to once again be able to re-enter this platform, I discuss with my buddy, I told him this operation, I firmly believe, 100, is my own desired platform, so I cherish this opportunity not easily won the rebirth.

come back with some rumors:

1, the longer the audit time, the higher the reading,

answer: (first class) the article is either fact news (because the individual from the media can not reach authority, so hundreds of numbers can not distinguish the authenticity, so the audit will be slow)

(second) number of articles belonging to the edge (Edge article unable to discern whether it involves "the three points" so you know, or how many times people review, you may find that you read the article about 2-3, it is very likely that the audit three times)

2, advanced number is very forced, how the document is not sealed, and not downgraded,

answer: again, according to the seal, I own the highest number for the first downgrade, second days of relegation direct title. (to remind everyone here, before the edge of the article are cleaned up, not good, that day sealed) here, I would like to explain why I was before the advanced number, because I micro-blog plus V, powder >