Why do we have to do web work


is always in the webmaster online to see many webmaster complaining about life articles, not to make money ah, Baidu not included ah, do not flow and so on, but simply think, what is the root of all these troubles? Because we are all about to the webmaster, within the industry sour, sweet, bitter, hot we all have to go through, then, instead of worrying about these problems, not to think about, why should we do.

honestly, this website stuff, especially personal station, really to our country GDP has much impetus, really is not a good thing, especially when we do the dumpster like a swarm of bees, maybe also dragged down the national rate of economic development.

In fact, the process of personal webmaster

bird is very simple: when I was in college because of boring, and opened the door to call the website construction course is carefully studied for some time, and then find the class for this course to learn the best is me, joined a student studio, engage in some small list. Later, a chance to know graph king, under his guidance and slowly became a full-time webmaster, basically no applause, not detours.

believe that many of my friends are here, a chance (mostly when it was extremely boring), know someone (probably half a bucket of water network), then blew the midnight cattle (do always flourishes naive), and then buy buy domain name, space, science and technology plus, the exchange links, advertising, a standard of grassroots webmaster, thus produced.

also chose some friends at school or SiyuanshuangN prize.the, production of the so-called "IT talent" plan, a class that is a good web production technology, and then focus on the research, at the end of the course, mastered the basic skills, then in stationmaster net learning related knowledge after a series of. Go on the road station.

and others, is also in the field of research, but most of them are related with the Internet, such as IT or Critics Circle technology research, exhibition and exchange are in need of professional media sites, natural transition to the role of the webmaster.

is the first experience of the webmaster, more willing to contact with the bird, and Shenzhen, because this is the backbone of our webmaster, why? Because after two people, is not consciously into this circle, and the first one, in the webmaster circle with very strong subjectivity, and is willing to fight, struggle.

has seen many webmaster friends in the Admin5 Adsense nets, even virtual space rental costs are squeezed out from their meager wages or living expenses, but is updated every day, insist on writing, adhere to the technology, although their efforts may be destroyed once the Baidu algorithm adjusted, they may hard, change not to users, but these people, construction of the bottom of the Chinese Internet webmaster circles, is the grassroots webmaster propped up China Internet >