The sad history of female webmaster do Wangzhuan lost love what is left of me

just attended an interview, and yellow, the school has not known to participate in several job fairs, also do not know how many voted resume, was about to graduate, also don’t know where I is a class three school of foreign language majors, in September last year, that is for an examination of it, because the grind a bit boring, so when the trouble I went on the Internet to relax myself, by chance I know wangzhuan.

is just beginning to know in the school survey Wangzhuan, the forum, from that moment I was hooked on the survey Wangzhuan, therefore I pay a lot of time, about a month later, a little tired, because a month income is less than the minimum standard of payment, in a month the time I also met a lot of Wangzhuan friends, also slowly learned all Wangzhuan, by chance, a friend recommended to me click on the ads, I found that is good, the payment standard is relatively low, so I began to do.

The first time

received 0.5 yuan, I spent a month’s time, funny, then I have no mind to grind, boyfriend always urged me to Study hard, said I was a miser, and earn some money, I do not listen, and he is also the super, then from PubMed for a month, see boyfriend I do not think progress, but also every day quarrel with him, very disappointed to me in December 11th, we recognize the 3rd anniversary when we broke up, but I still indulge in Wangzhuan, also began to do, because I did not learn programming code cannot read, listen to them a letter and is true. Spend 150 yuan to do a Chinese station BUX, click on the kind of advertising, also spent 50 yuan to let others to apply for a GG account, naive to think that this can as they say thousands of dollars a month, a week later, I The Google account was closed, needless to say we all know that Google is not allowed to pay per click, just like my dollar and broken dreams, love does not give up the examination, I do not know what way, fast despair, hate hate their own silly stupid, but I have already gone. I am not willing to give up just like that.

so I intend to do their own second site, you still can’t write code for free, they learn slowly, slowly changed, but not free, is not satisfied, in learning by doing, I learned how to resolve the domain name, the upload page, many people will laugh at me, even the analysis the domain name will not do, that’s how I started in March, when my website is done, a friend gave me the domain name (the subtle love network:, so I started a grassroots webmaster, apply yourself 17 times until the Google application down, then most of them admitted to graduate students on their own, began to regret, especially that boyfriend (previous) time can attend Central University of Finance and Economics retest, suddenly the tears streaming down, half a year, I can not forget him, but He and I are destined to be two parallel lines, no longer intersect, he is already a key university graduate, and he even >