Optimizing website UE starts with simplifying user registration


site has a tendency to simplify.

subtraction, providing core services, has become part of the webmaster consensus, such as buy network model simple and clear, no search and other technical sites, will seize the increase in traffic this core point.

is more than just a simplification of patterns; it agrees with simplicity and humanity in the design of the site UE. Login free to provide traffic tools sitebro Taiwan station, users enter the site address, the system can automatically identify sites Title and Description, reduce user steps. These features will appear in more and more websites.

, I have 10 years of Internet work experience, in the creation of "overseas", I feel that the site is very 1. Overseas sites have forums, communities, micro-blog, and even classified information. They all use the UCENTER user system for one-stop landing, but readers don’t have fun. Among them, UE is a very important reason, Discuz, a large number of systems, to some extent, affect the novelty of the site, while losing novelty, it will lose the ability to spread quickly. Therefore, from the user needs, starting from the website claims, abandon Discuz ideas is the primary factor.

no matter what type of website is, what functions it provides, first of all, users have to register. I feel that optimizing UE should start with simplifying user registration.

as a web operator, I am most concerned about the authenticity of user data, and the real first step should be the authenticity of e-mail. A consumer who is willing to accept your website, and he is willing to register his e-mail, said he recognized and trusted the site. Using mailboxes as user names is a requirement for both parties.

if you follow the general idea, then the user will need to fill in the email, password, password, and possibly the verification code, the real name, and so on. This is not impossible, users can tentatively accept, after all, most websites are like this, but does this really conform to user habits?

we might as well assume that if the user system’s password is not encrypted. This is a very realistic situation, the largest China agent system hosting provider — a new network is not encrypted password, their staff can see the proxy account and password. This is very scary, because the user’s password may be the same in many places. Similarly, there are UnionPay websites where passwords are presented directly to the text of the message.

this is a security point of view from the user registration process may exist drawbacks. Users may not know the problem, but the site developer should consider it for the user. Of course, if the site developer has a bad motivation, the site does not need to consider UE, because it is doomed to be abandoned by consumers.

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