Share three quick experiences of creating Baidu encyclopedia entries

Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu products can be said to be the weight of the king, a lot of enterprises and SEOER hope that through Baidu encyclopedia entries to bring back links, to direct their own traffic, or a certain brand promotion value. But now the Baidu encyclopedia is difficult to create, we look at Taobao or some soft Wen publishing agency, Baidu Encyclopedia has been listed as soft text publishing channels, less than dozens, more than a few hundred. A lot of friends also try to build their own, 10% of the success rate has been very high. So, how to quickly create their own Baidu encyclopedia entries, have some experience, can not be said to be a secret, believe that as long as the master of the details of three the following factors will be audited by the probability of a large number of.

There are three factors affecting

: account factor; how to add Web site; content factor. Each important factor, I will detail how to operate, as well as some of their own tips.

1. Baidu account

Baidu product features, I believe we all know that the higher the level of account, the greater the probability of passing. Baidu know inside, to add a web site, two level accounts below are not good, and I have a thirteen level account, every day you can add 5 Web site questions and answers. Similarly, the creation of Baidu Encyclopedia also has an impact on this. After testing, the following five accounts are at a level, that is, you have to do at least 100 entries, in order to become a high-level account. Many friends asked, "100 entries too much, adhere to a month is unlikely.".

so, how to solve the problem of the account? First of all, through the purchase of high-grade account, Taobao does not suggest that you buy this account is very scarce, the method is very simple to buy account, is in the Baidu PM directly those advanced account, every PM50 person, two days can receive several, the price depends on your own pricing Oh, and have high low; secondly, to solve the account myself, a collection of entries, such as the name, the name of the small town middle school, many names have entries, each entry extension, add some pictures, even after editing a term, adhere to a week or so, you quickly upgrade the account will be able to.

2. entries in the URL

adds the URL in the entry, is our propaganda website most important link, without this, it is difficult to bring the direct flow and weight transfer. It is virtually impossible to add URLs to content. The general recommendation is added to the bibliography.

what’s the point of adding URLs:

Add URL, try to choose the inside page and the article page, because now the editor will see what is the content of your web site, so the inside page and the article page, please don’t put advertising and customer service information and the like, the page and make a beautiful. Read a friend of a web site, it is dedicated to come up with a column page to deal with Baidu encyclopedia entry audit, the effect is very good.

don’t just add your own web site, add 3-5 links to your reference and put your rights on it