What kind of website is considered a good site

There is every kind of website

on the Internet, but what kind of website is a good website? You may soon think of the major portals, because their information are few websites like the original content is the most, but I think that a person, a a good website is not a famous website, they provide detailed, but also to improve their flow, click rate, in order to attract visitors, often use the title to attract the attention of others, this is the title of the party. I often see some news on the QQ Mini homepage, but click to go after it is another title, title and subtitle is to match, is not the content of the summary.

subtitleThe other is on the

connection problems, see the tourists in the contents of their own interest, will go inside, but some sites in order to provide browse quantity of the website, into not news content, but also a page is a special page or a news page, this is also equivalent to the visitors wasted 10 seconds, in the news, saying: ‘wasting other people’s time is equal to ", a property damage; for some heavy traffic sites, they do not know how much the murder person at the same time,

standards for good websites, I have the following experience:

The contents of the

1: look consistent with the title

2: content health, no vulgar content,

3: allows visitors to find the information they need on time and in a timely manner,

4: advertising delivery should be reasonable, without affecting visitors reading, put

5: doesn’t have viruses, Trojans or anything like that,

, 6:, or more, friends with experience can comment on

is not well written, may be a bit messy, but I hope you give advice on the line, but to be polite, after all, I also express their views, and also interested in my site www.yifuwang.net friendship connection can also find my QQ 564576800

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