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actually, when I was in my freshman year, I felt that the Internet would be a part of my generation. This part is like a TV set for our fathers, sons, and grandparents. In the information age, the network is undoubtedly playing the most important role.

in March 18, 2005, my sophomore sophomore semester, I bought the first domain name: []. Yes, [minyao] is the Hanyu Pinyin ballad". Because he loved music and wrote songs, but at that time the economy was not rich and made a choice between [] and []. It turned out that my choice was right.

January 18, 2008, master’s first grade last semester, I bought the first N domain name: []. Yes, [nuaa] is the abbreviation of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics english. This site has been successful and has validated many of my guesses about seo.


is going to say is some very practical skills. It’s very useful for users who use DISCUZ programs.

one, about domain name

about domain name selection, I don’t want to say more theory. The key point is to make the user feel good about it. [] is obviously good to remember because our generation had learned Pinyin in elementary school. And [] might make you understand. In fact, in 2008, the Internet has a lot of domain name business occupies a lot of pit, I have not registered to [] and []. And at this point, a domain name registered [] expired, you can register, but not by other domain name registration. I’m lucky. Speaking of topic, this domain name is good to remember, with the location of China Southern Airlines related. China Southern Airlines in Jiangsu, once Jiangsu and the Ministry of machinery jointly under the jurisdiction of the unit. [] is written in English, but instead, it happens to be "Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics in Jiangsu, China",

As for the

domain name registration, you may find that it’s on the Internet domain registrar, but where is the register? Civilink Beijing?

? Or other?

now gives the answer, none of them. The new network domain HowNet, the price is very high, such as.Cn nets, now sold to 100 yuan,.Com sold 139 yuan. Of course you feel brand new network and network, value for money. In fact, network and new web agent prices are very low. Note the word "agents", is also selling network products, but the price is low about half.

the domain name registrar that is recommended here is "webmaster net domain name host" distribution platform".

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