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tiger sniffing note: in September 12th, tenth to the tiger sniffing will be held in Zhongguancun SOHO, this book will share the book is a recent hot growth "hackers", in addition to Fan Bing, the author of the book, today’s headlines growth team leader Zhang Nan, in and founder of love figure purchase water also in the scene from Growth Hacking in practical application the level of their home products for the sharing of experiences. The limited space, the tiger sniffing speech of Zhang Nan and water were excerpts, small tiger sniffing the title.


head figure tenth tiger sniffing scene photos, left Zhang Nan: today’s headlines: "hackers", growth author Fan Bing, in and founder of the right love figure purchase water.

Zhang Nan: today’s headlines Growth Hacking actual combat

first introduce yourself, my name is Zhang Nan, now in today’s headlines, and now we have 22 people in the growth team, I understand that the domestic should be the biggest. The responsible business includes traffic acquisition and conversion rates, including payment conversion optimization. Today I would like to share some practical experience with you and hope to be helpful to you all.

said before throwing a pot of cold water, Growth Hacking is not a silver bullet, don’t expect it to solve all the problems, like Fan Bing said, if you are a waste product, by what means it is of no use, Product/Market fit van Product/Market said today no ice, fit said the value of the product itself and you whether it is worth the promotion of such a value, if your product has reached the promotion of the state, this time you pay promotion or do Growth or Hacking means, it can achieve your desired effect, but if you are really not enough in vain. Therefore, in the product does not reach Product/Market fit, or calm down to do the product well, this is the most important.

product itself is the shackles of marketing, lifting the shackles, the best way is product innovation

Wanamaker, the father of

‘s department store, once said, "


"of course I know that half of my marketing costs are wasted, but I don’t know which half it is."."

What does

say? It means that marketing has not been able to track data long before, so I don’t know which part is wasted. Now, with the development of Internet technology, we have created the possibility of tracking marketing data. For example, now see the subway station ads are placed two-dimensional code, scanning two-dimensional code can participate in business activities, and even if there is WeChat authorized, you also know who participated in this activity. You are in the east of the two-dimensional code, or the west of the two-dimensional code can be traced out, in the end which effect is good, you can also contrast. It may have been unimaginable twenty years ago, thirty years ago.