Student stationmaster please treasure your time and study

              everybody is good, for a long time did not send in the webmaster network article. Because writing something is said to be soft

see QQ webmaster friends. Many students really feel their every day more than 18 hours do not make money online website, every day in the Baidu site is not included. I really want to ask you: how much do you earn? How much time and money


I, a Inner Mongolia Chifeng an ordinary boy.20, access to the Internet for a year, now is the ChiFeng Railway Station Sina artists, operates its own all information portal network in Chifeng city and counties. Of course, I introduce these not to say they have much ability. At least, I don’t spend money at home now. Can you make money to feed themselves. The people of my age was still in college. Crazy non mainstream, there are some young people want to make money online, every day in the garbage station work, and then change the program for space. Every day to find online free space! This is always not to earn money. Those every day concerned about the stationmaster net friends, you have seen the free space to open up the site? Have you ever seen a free space for more than 2 years is not a big problem with


now, you are still in school. Focus on learning. However. You every day than those playing the game, the game class also think teenagers are much better! I did not look down on those people, at least I think, excellent youth should not be such a waste of


a year ago, I and everyone else. In the high school. Later, because of emotional disputes, I have to choose their own love of the computer. In Chifeng zero starting point school computer hardware professional, self Photoshop, Dreamweaver and web site. After graduation in advance Sina beauty industry to do the ChiFeng Railway Station, now have the flag the Chifeng business network, Linxi information network, Keqi information network, Chifeng E era of Internet technology and more than a dozen sites. Among them, in addition to the company’s website without income, other sites are profitable, perhaps due to different ways of website management. Each site has its own operation mode. I may be fortunately, I was successful. Of course, and other veteran immeasurably, but their peers in Inner Mongolia, Chifeng, the Internet industry, I was walking in front of it! Regret not to go to college. Now, every industry 3.1 lives. It’s enough to spend money on yourself and your girlfriend,.

write these, just hope that the friends of the same age, don’t give up your ideal university, is to test the web site is to be done, is to become a webmaster, his girlfriend is not run, rookie will become a veteran, now do

too early!In the article

before I had my Linxi information network operating mode to the network owners in love. Do local portal information network, can see, but not necessarily universal