The article is updated a lot but why not be included

webmaster, if you have a confused that why I update the site of the original content, are good for a long time, still can not be included in the search engine? And to think that the content of his site update writing is also very good, but why the search engine is not included, every day the original update are hard, really feel unworthy. If you continue to write, or not included, what is good? Do you still want to continue to write down


Xiaobian think, if the new words, then do not worry too much, the new assessment period will be relatively long originally; if the old station is anything like this, so here I suggest you of your writing is really useful, don’t assume that the self written article is quite good, you feel good the search engine does not necessarily think so.

here Xiaobian to sum up, why update the article has not been included:

1, which itself shields the folder of your updated content page (robots.txt settings)

2, analysis IS log, check the search engine spiders whether there is crawling article URL, if any, but the article has not been included, then also have to comprehensive analysis of the whole article.

3, website information is rich, web page text is clear and accurate expression of what you want to convey. Does the site meet the needs of certain users?.

4, whether there is a high quality of the chain lead spider, whether to do a good position outside the network of the deployment of the chain, the site map is submitted,


when the site updated articles, have not been included, small series generally through the above four steps for inspection, after checking, there are problems in time processing, no problem will continue to update.

here, special emphasis on two points:

first, please do not create content for search engines.

please consider from the user’s point of view, not for the amount of articles, a lot of fooling around.

second, please do not create duplicate content pages, subdomains, or domains.

Baidu loves new things, and if your site contains a lot of duplicate content, then search engines will certainly reduce the content of the same collection, which will also reduce the friendliness of your site. (of course, some can be shown directly for the convenience of users, but they can be banned by robots.txt.)

update the quantity and the amount collected is not necessarily proportional to, must adhere to the original high quality content, do plexiform link deployment, so you can better be included in search engines, we all know that Baidu love fresh, it can help the user to the content.

article updates a lot, but why not be included, introduced here, this article hard pure original, by optimizing crown network first