Personal webmaster Road the future is slim

from 123 to 265 to GJJ, from behind to punk to graph king. Earn 500, 5000 from the day to now earn 50, 5, or even zero. The number of individual owners from tens of thousands to tens of thousands to around 1 million 500 thousand today, the website to the industry from the garbage, from the industry to the garbage, tossing back and forth, only one purpose is to make money, but really make any money? Money is a large army of the 1 million 500 thousand! Owners of the future where is it, really a bit worrying.

The job of

stationmaster looks bright and unrestrained, but the people who really walk into this circle know the sweet and sour and bitter hot. Whether you are a cipher garbage station, or the boss of a great reputation station network graph king, popular in the circle in the phrase "sleep later than the dog, up earlier than the chicken" to describe which owners are not excessive, take it as graph king in most eyes he long has not said but also can achieve success and win recognition if not by much, but to my knowledge of graph king at 2 every night before did not Q.

maybe you do webmaster after your income from the previous 50 to 100 now but you can use 100*30 to set for a month in the website total income, I think everyone can understand this sentence, as a webmaster has too many stationmaster income is like this, there are too many the instability, whether it is selling advertising selling services or sell products, direct and indirect flow live hanging hook, and all flow linked to the website no one can guarantee it has been stable down, so your income is not qualitative, so today, you 500, to the 5 tomorrow could not enter the block is not what things get excited over a little thing is such a webmaster, occupation people love and people hate. You can’t put all your money on the station’s two words and have to maintain your daily expenses with another paycheck. In this case, there is no telling how many big and creative websites can be created. A person’s energy and wisdom can not be matched by a team. Only by searching, by the league, it is enough to have more than one allowance per day.

maybe you will say, the website is my all, I am going to do my business as, if you want to have good ideas, good team, enough money to burn, all this is just a way, the future is unknown, only these have scared off too many webmaster webmaster, entrepreneurship, the owners of the road is not impossible, at least not every webmaster can only chance for survival, the Internet was too much halo, the webmaster of the road is not flat, is trying to move on or repeated every day now, we also own the ponder question! I wish you didn’t confused. Wish A5’s webmaster make money! (text / heartbreak, please indicate