Mo Xiangzhao three ways of webmaster’s progress and success

also has a long time not to write articles, has been busy team thing, today we bring you a new original article, I hope everyone can learn something in it, it is these days on crystallization during the work, understanding, entrepreneurship is not easy, so as a webmaster, how to progress in their industry, today to share three station method of progress and growth, hoping to give struggling webmaster friends some inspiration.

first: strengthen confidence, lock a target,

I do have one or two months, also made several sites, but not a decent thing, when the local portal before, feel very awesome results, a strength to charge into the enemy ranks, did not think of is how to fail even their own do not know, the future is no longer busy other things, concentrate on the research and thinking of the future direction of development, he led the team to be difficult, because he is the CEO, need to do more than anyone, it also makes me experience are richer than who at a certain level, now the team has locked a goal, no longer do what do webmaster, do the Internet, as well as a firm goal, the way of the future is bright, the webmaster again busy day in and day out is also thinking about such a problem facing? There is no goal, even lost confidence, so long no clear direction, give yourself a goal.

second: amplifying all elements associated with the target, killing all elements unrelated to the target.

second seems a bit long, but this is my experience of the conclusions, do to concentrate a lot of my friends are not like anyone, some things are often confused, I run several websites, occasionally writing articles to share their own things, not related things are no longer for some of your goals, such as a struggling people how to play landlords, while updating the website, landlords not only is of no value, is to give his life a waste of their parents, so in these time I can give you is to cherish the present. A good fight. Amplifying all elements associated with the target, killing all elements unrelated to the target. Do webmaster seriously, do your favorite field. I’m sure you’ll thank me for the future.

third: focus + focus + repeat

these days often have some webmaster friends contact me through QQ, ask me questions about SEO, although I am not a SEO master, but still, I think one thing we should focus + focus + repetition, such patterns can be found yourself in a short period of time, SEO learning is a process that, before I was learning network technology, including some of the station optimization SEO ah, ah, what are the soft writing, through their own self. Fully aware of the conclusion that…