Website should pay attention to brand effect

to do the Internet, most have paid great attention to products, products may sometimes really is not the most important (for example, melatonin) but sometimes it is the lifeblood of a business life. For three examples, let’s feel how important the product itself is:

1, thunder

After the early

thunder, the download station of the people are very disgusted, then stand up to even figure anti thunder, have a friend in the download station (, also in a headache every day walking bandwidth Daolian thunder. But then slowly, why can not anti thunder it? The reason is very simple, for ordinary netizens speaking, thunder is a good product. The user doesn’t care whether it’s stolen traffic or not. Fast, even death can be downloaded, it is such a good software. Until then, the Internet users to find the download station owners said why there is no dedicated thunder chain?


so, the webmaster can’t only add, because users want to ah, but when the user in Gougou search will pop up a page to the webmaster of thunder (see I estimate only a handful, because want to download have to, who cares which website page?), in addition to playing the thunder outside the page or give money, click billing special chain. Of course, I believe that now even if the thunder does not give money, the webmaster may not be able to remove the private chain, because users need to use ah.

2, Baidu

recently, many members of the Baidu alliance are cursing because the Baidu alliance is split and the conditions are harsh. But everyone has to do it. Why? Because Internet users like to use them. Especially the website address, directly solve the profit problem.

in the early days, everyone in the Baidu with the volume (now also with Baidu alliance partners, from the band is said to account for the entire Baidu > traffic flow; 40%), but now Baidu can be cut into bold partners, reduce the traffic cost. You do not do Baidu, you can put other home search box on the Internet users, you can stop the site.

3, Taobao

recently contacted some of Taobao’s big sellers, complaining that Taobao was starting to do evil. They were searching for them, and without it, they paid more and more money, and less and less profits. Taobao is indeed profitable pressure, every day from their own account to go so much money, it was difficult in 08 years flat, this is too uncomfortable, of course, have to find ways to make money. What is Taobao’s product? It’s his platform. He can get the seller to sell things. The effect of selling on his platform is better than eBay, and the user will recognize Taobao. OK, you are a big seller, you do not pay, you can wait for the people who have to pay.

when your product is good enough and users like it, you’ll have a pivotal position in the whole industry chain. Others will have to rely on you, or even fear your competitors to do the same.

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