Youth sail plan Huang Xiaoming donated 10 million help college students entrepreneurship

Huang Xiaoming as an actor is successful, at the same time, as an entrepreneur is very successful, for students groups, Xiao Ming is also very concerned about, is donated 10 million to help college students entrepreneurship.

3 29, by Huang Xiaoming and caring companies jointly launched the "youth sail plan", the college graduates of large-scale public projects started in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, officially declared the start power of College Students’ employment.

It is reported that the project

, in addition to 10 million yuan of cash to start, the successor will donate the evaluation software of fair value more than 8000 yuan, plans within two years covering more than 200 universities, benefiting 1 million students.

The large-scale public welfare project

see more social forces for students attention, also see the entrepreneurial environment of college students is getting better and better, the dream of the university graduates to go into action!



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