My way to stand passion perseverance success


first contact the computer in primary school grade four, then, contact the computer’s students are not many, because we are still relatively backward, is a small town, and therefore not very popular.

I was at a friend’s first contact, then remember every day after school, I followed him to his house to play, it is playing the stand-alone Tankedaizhan (that comes with the computer), also play very interesting, then go home, every day is mother scolded "/p>…When

in the fifth grade I, I asked my parents to buy me a computer, because it has a special interest in it, it is different from playing with some buggies or electronic products what, parents can see, our one family went to see the computer, but we do not understand the configuration. In the sales presentation, he bought his first computer, Lenovo Tianxi 8410… Remember a little hard disk configuration, 40G, P3, 256M. Memory… Bought after, I went to the short-term training, office automation, the class members are eight or nine years older than me, then what don’t think, because of their own interests, so everything thought. It was summer, and the day was very hot. Every day before the sun came out, I took the book, the pen and the water to go to class. It took me more than 20 minutes to walk there, but I didn’t feel a little tired… After that, ask the teacher questions, the teacher didn’t answer, I don’t think what, on their own, in the end, the more I learn the more I feel interesting, feel there are so many computer use, broaden their horizons, from then on, I began to learn computer technology.


on the first day, I’m the real contact with the network, with the phone line, then the speed is very slow, only tens of megabytes, but was still feeling pretty fast, after all, the first time… Then see some sites not how beautiful, but the heart is very want to have one to belong to own website. After collecting relevant information on the Internet a lot, see the tutorial, because we are not in the local computer books, in two days, computer is popular in school, then spread the legend, the stone. Then it started… Up. Then I want to do a game server, but this idea. Verify shortly after 1.5 weeks, I taught himself to rack servers, but it is in the Internet cafes rack servers, there was no money. I open the computer,… A lot of classes, almost a year to the beginning of the second. Three, in the face of rising high school pressure, sank down, good review, the previous fall from scratch, and finally rose to our local best middle school, Feicheng one in..


high this year is the most decadent in my life a year, almost all did what every day, skip classes to go to Internet cafes to play CS, but then CS play very cattle, in the US level, can play the first second, the most powerful one is holding a pistol, two shot burst three heads. May have been in the circles, their communication space is very small, there are.