What kind of Web site does Baidu seal

my station was blocked by Baidu some time ago. At that time the flow was 3~3.5 million IP, and steadily rising. Ha ha, after analysis, I made a mistake, the reasons for the assumption are as follows:

1 renamed, I see their traffic stability in the rise, more than a number of so-called well-known websites, the site name changed to "love forum", which is assumed 1.

recommends that websites do not use popular keywords to make a name.

2, my traffic has reached 35000IP. The Baidu flow of about 25000, personal feeling, Baidu has investigated the person to the above 30 thousand IP website, see if you can squeeze water. I just arrived at

this request, I took the surgery. Listen to other friends say, his station is 30 thousand, IP was K, please refer to this number. That’s hypothesis 2.

recommends that you do not make your own traffic more than 30 thousand, unless you are entirely on the reputation of traffic sites. If you still have the extra energy, you can do 1 additional sites to continue to expand the integrated traffic. The advantage is that it is not easy to be closed outside Baidu, because you have old station support, new sites do more easily.

3 my optimization is not good enough, is considered as a garbage dump by Baidu. Hypothesis 3. I think this possibility is very small.

, Baidu’s algorithm has further changed, according to the TOP50 optimization approach has been out of date, the weights of keywords integrity in SEO decreased a lot, that is Baidu spider increasingly clever. Ha-ha。

now I re do new sites, feeling optimization is much more difficult than before. The reason is that Baidu is increasingly looking down on small stations, new sites, do not give you a better weight.


1 new station must have traffic, to have ALEXA ranking, you can lose in the browser http://s.www.alexa.com check, www.taobaowang.com to your domain name on it. No matter what method you use, must be injected into the new station traffic. Rich webmaster can buy traffic, there are technical webmaster can put horse, no money webmaster himself brush flow, must make ALEXA up. Ranking at around 100 thousand, Baidu will pay attention to you, will visit you every day, the weight will give you good, will give you the flow. Many people think

Never mind

ranking and Baidu, but according to my observation, there is no traffic statistics authority of the domestic situation, Baidu is likely to judge mainly according to the ALEXA website traffic, and in order to determine the site of total weight.

weight refers to Baidu give you the definition of the site level, is to keyword ranking coefficient. For example,

a:, if Baidu thinks your site is good, you’re on a similar site